Is Taste Purely Subjective?

I have noticed a lot of people claiming that taste is purely subjective, however I think there are other reasons that come into play. I believe that taste is partially subjective; it also depends upon how adventurous your palate is and how picky of an eater you are. Taste is pyschological.

For instance, ask 10 people if they like onion ice cream. 9 of them have never tried it, yet all 9 will say no way and probably only 2 of those 9 people will actually be very curious to sample it. Another good example would be organ meats. Most people don't like offal because they consider it to be nasty and/or peculiar. Sweetbreads taste like turkey meat. If I mixed pieces of it in with your turkey, you wouldn't realize it was in there.

How do you know that you dislike these foods if you don't open your mind? If the food in question causes health concerns, if you're allergic to it, or if it's something like cilantro which you either love or hate, then there's no reason to be that close-minded with food and claim that taste is purely subjective (especially if you're a member of a food-lover's website). What are your thoughts?

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