I don't eat any of that Vegetable Crap

These are the immortal words of a friend, proclaimed in a local sandwich shop, when asked if he wanted onions, lettuce, and tomato on his submarine sandwich.
Most of us are adventurous eaters, but what food will you simply refuse to eat, and why?

Have you heard the expression, "no tongue"? Here is the origin of that phrase. As a kid, our family ate thinly-sliced tongue sandwiches. It tastes like rolled beef, another Jewish-style cold cut, or, perhaps, salami, but more salty than garlicky.
Anyway, it is supposed to be peeled. One day, my mom brought home a whole tongue. I took one look at it, and that was it. I don't want my tastebuds tasting something else's tastebuds. No tongue. Ever again.

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