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green beans on the side

So, I'm hosting Christmas dinner for my boyfriend, his mom, his sister, her fiance, his godmother, and his grandma & grandpa! I'm quite excited to say the least!
My menu, thus far, consists of ham (I'm getting a 16 pounder-does that sound about right for 8 people?), scalloped potatoes (it's my mom's recipe, so that'll be a guaranteed knockout), warm homemade applesauce, and green beans. I'm planning on doing a sweet baste on the ham, my potatoes will be nice and rich, and my applesauce will be on the tart, cinnamon-y side. So, I'd like for the beans to balance the rest of the meal...any ideas? I think the simpler the presentation, the better...maybe steamed with lemon? or perhaps incorporate some garlic?

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