Forced to cook appetizers at a party.

After twisting my friend arms to be able to cook at a party, she's letting make appetizers. It's not her party but she insist on cooking, but I don't trust her cooking. She makes really bland food and is really apprehensive about food (mainly because she's allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables) but she always refuses to eat my food especially!

So I've decided to out cook my friend! by having the best appetizers the party has ever tasted. Better than the pasta with store bought vodka sauce I know she will buy.

So far my ideas are:
Brussel sprouts with bacon and deglazed vegetable stock.
Goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and egg yolk ravioli with brown butter sage sauce.
Mashed potato, caramelized onion and bacon pizza.
Fried eggplant and basil pizza.

Any other ideas?

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