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Bon Appetit to replace my Gourmet subscription?

I just received my first issue of Bon Appetit to "replace" the rest of my Gourmet subscription. I am really, really disappointed in the layout, styling and photography of this magazine. I flipped through the whole BA without anything catching my eye. Normally a beautiful photo or interesting article would stop me for hours until I had read the entire issue of Gourmet.

True, I will have to give the recipes a chance before I completely dismiss BA. Although on the Epicurious site I always gravitate to the Gourmet recipes.

My first issue is Jan 2010 "Best of the Year." Do they really need to keep using the word "foodie" like we need to be reminded? And Sriracha as the ingredient of the year? This magazine is just filled with blurbs and advertisements for those with short attention spans. (What, no continuation of an article into the back pages?)
Sigh, I miss my hard to find ingredients and poignant food writing...

Maybe I am just feeling down because I am missing the holiday cookie issue right now?

Does anyone else out there feel my pain?

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