48 Hours in Chicago!

Dear all-knowing SE'ers: I will be spending 48 + hours in Chicago in about 10 days, and I would like some recommendations for eating out! I know that's a tall order, which could result in hundreds of delicious recommendations. But I can't really narrow it down too much because I don't even know yet where I will be staying.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night eats, ethnic, bakeries, pizza, hole in the walls, cool bars, just about anything would work. There isn't really any type of food me or the bf won't try, so bring it on. I guess the only parameter is budget--I could afford one dinner somewhere where the entrees float around $20 or $30 maybe, but one night only, so try to keep the other recs affordable please. Dim sum might be nice, as well as some good Mexican or other ethnic eats--good sandwiches too. Bring it on please :)

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