Xmas party food

I'm sure I'll get lots of suggestions....for years now I have "helped" a friend throw a xmas party for approx 100 people. By "helped", I mean I am the kitchen coordinator and 'clean up as you go along' crew, and direct all the guests where to put their dishes. I do all the work and cooking and she does all the socializing. Got any friends like that? Basically she always tells everyone to bring what ever they'd like, and I make a lot of casseroles and chicken wings, things that go a long way.
So...there are no giant dishes of anything, just a giant potluck of sorts with me making some main things. She collects thru the this time she's collected about 20 lbs of chicken breasts for me to use. They also fry a turkey, which makes a big mess during the party.
Any suggestions? I'm tired of the same old things. The other thing is, sometimes this food sits around for hours getting picked over until people get good and drunk, then they devour it. Thanks!

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