what do i do with...

So last tuesday i went to the Dekalb Farmer's market in Georgia...i only meant to spend maybe twenty or thirty dollars there, but kinda ended up going full-on "child in a toy store" once i got in the place. I picked up two items that, while they seemed like good ideas at the time, now have me somewhat perplexed. any thoughts on what i can do with these things?

Item no. one: lemon granules. it's a spice of some variety; it has a very mildly lemony smell, and a slightly bitter taste. I really can't think of what exactly you'd do with this spice, though--as it is in the tub, it doesn't seem like it has a very strong flavor...has anyone used this before?
Item no. two: a big stalk of lemon grass--I know it's very much in vogue now, but i've never used lemon grass before...what do you do with the stuff? how do you break it down to something useable?


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