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Spicy vegetarian dish with chiles?

I absolutely LOVE spicy food...but it's difficult finding the 'right' recipe when you have a craving for something. I'm what I call an unintentional vegetarian ( interest in eating meat), but it's mainly just meat itself... All the same, I'm looking for a vegetarian dish that's really nice and spicy. At my disposal I have some frozen thai bird chilies, a small bottle of tabasco, red chile powder, spicy smoked paprika, ground chipotle, and some unknown tiny but hot red peppers i grew this summer...dried. About 6-8 of those.

Plus I have this package of dried chiles that I don't know what to do with...they're large and black colored. The name on the package says 'pasilla negro'.

Help? Please? Even though it's during recovery time from the T-day?

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