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How to have a more healthy, varied diet???

I am trying very hard to serve healthy food to my family, mostly focusing on fresh, non-processed food. I find the hardest thing is to have a lot of variety. We don't eat much fish because I feel like I can't pick a healthy one that's not farmed or over fished. So, for animal protein, it's chicken, turkey, pork, and a little grass-fed beef. We also like tofu. For vegetables, we always have a salad, and then what my husband and kids will eat are: artichokes, green beans, carrots (raw only), asparagus, corn, broccoli, and zucchini. Not really much of a rotation. Or maybe it is great variety and I just need some new ideas. I pledged about a year ago to stop buying cookbooks but now feel like I could use a little help. Do Serious Eaters have a favorite vegetarain / healthy cookbook? I am looking at both the Greens cookbook by Madison and the Moosewood cookbook. Any other suggestions would be great, too!

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