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I have a three pronged question. I am having a dozen friends over for a potluck dinner party this weekend. I will provide a vegetarian pasta dish and they are bringing dessert, sides and bread. It really needs to be vegetarian, since I am the only meat eater who will be attending. So. First, does anyone have any good recipes for vegetarian pasta dishes? I would prefer if it is something baked, becuase then I can get ready and clean up while it is in the oven and before people get there. Small apartment, so I don't really have room to be cooking while people are trying to bring sides and re-heat on the stove etc. Also, I am thinking lasagna, but I was wondering if anyone has a clue why my mother's recipe always has watery tomato sauce and the ricotta gets this weird grainy texture. I would love to make that, but I need some suggestions for fixing it. Third, how much do I make for twelve people? Four small eaters, four medium, and four big. Thanks everyone!

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