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Help me name my food blog (yes, another one!)

I know this sort of topic often stirs up the masses here on SE, but I'm at a loss. I've looked through the old threads on the topic, but nothing jumped out at me.

Let me tell you a tiny bit about the blog. Husband and I will be writing it. We will be using wikipedia's list of cuisines, and every week or so, spending a full day cooking and eating as true to that cuisine as possible (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks). So one week might be Northern Indian, the next week Nigerian, the next week Southern American, etc. The list is quite extensive. We already have a few weeks of dishes together and photographed, we just need to register the blog and domain.

We thought of Eat The World, but that doesn't sound that great. Everyone we ask seems to say "great idea, can't wait to read it, but no idea what to name it."

Thanks for taking a moment to share your collective brain with us.

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