The Perfect Fried Egg Sandwich

Growing up my family didn't have a lot of money, so we ate a lot of really cheap food. One of our go-to meals was fried egg sandwiches, which has actually become a comfort food to me as an adult.

When I was a kid, I thought the perfect fried egg sandwich was on untoasted white bread, with a smear of mayo, some ketchup, and a bit of Tapatio hot sauce- and the yolk had to be fully cooked. I just ate one for dinner and my tastes have changed a bit: one fried egg with a runny yolk, on 12 grain bread with a bit of mayo, a bit of ketchup, and a lot of Sriracha.

Did anyone else grow up eating fried egg sandwiches? As an adult, what's your favorite fried egg sandwich look like?

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