Eating Out

Embarrassing dining moment, do I go back? (Gross out caution!)

My wife, daughter and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant to eat today. We probably go at least 4 times a month they have great food at great prices.
My 3 year old daughter must have some kind of stomach virus because after eating we walk up to the counter to pay and my daughter starts puking all over the floor and counter, in plain view of every other patron there eating. Gah!

Besides the fact that this is probably the worst offense you can make to a place that serves food (not that it had to do with the food) theres a very small staff there that know us by face.
To add the cherry to the pie my wife tells me when leaving that the toilet jammed when she flushed it after throwing all the paper in to clean up the little one's clothes. Gah again!

Would you go back? We love the food I'm just worried they'll always expect us to walk up to the counter and start spewing.

P.S. Yes, we've already laughed at ourselves for this.

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