Cooking veggies, oil or butter?

I recently had picked up a bundle of asparagus, green beans, and scallions to stir fry as a side for some steaks.

I thought the classic was butter and garlic so I threw them in the wok with about a third a stick of butter and a clove of super thin sliced garlic, they came out great and tasted amazing. (Sea salt and ground pepper on top.)

The next day I see a post asking how to cook veggies and it seemed every response said vegetable oil (or olive oil) and garlic. Intrigued, I went home and heated the wok up with veggie oil, threw in the garlic and tried again with the leftover asparagus and sliced onion. It came out terribly!

The asparagus didnt look like it was getting soft and when it finally did it had turned mostly black, it tasted harsh and bitter, not to mention the oil splattering all over my hands every time I stirred the wok. So what gives? Is it just a health thing or did I mess something up?

For anyone interested this is the thread I'm referencing:

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