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WNYC radio call-in on trayless dining halls

I know there are many college students on the board, so I thought some might find this short radio podcast interesting:

Basically, it is about Sarah Lawrence College converting to 'trayless' dining halls to reduce food waste (and the cost of washing trays).

While the loss of sleds to use on snowy campuses might be harsh, in general I think this trayless concept is a good idea. You can only take what you can carry, and have to go back for more.

Personally, if colleges could do away with cafeterias and have mandatory points buy-in plans (if there has to be a meal plan) I think that is better as well--that is what they had at my university more than (gulp) 10 years ago (I am 35) and the only time I saw serious food waste was when freshman had to go to the cafeteria. It seems like having massive all-you-can eat vats of food is bad for the environment, food weight, and the waistline.

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