What are you eating this weekend?

Saturday's eating was an adventure of Doughnuts n' Dumplings...and due to my earlier posting of "inexpensive meals on Saturday", I received wonderful suggestions from all and went with Vanessa's Dumplings. Thanks to BOBEATSBIG -- great dumplings and wonder how they can afford to stay in business? I guess it must be volume of customers as the place was packed with standing room only. Anyway, I went with the Beef Congee for 75 cents and pork n' chive dumplings and a sesame pancake with ham and poached egg...all excellent...I even bought a bag of frozen dumplings- 50 pcs. for $8.00-tasty food-great price...My friends were very happy with their steamed buns, chicken corn soup and and crab dumplings & bubble teas (Taro and Almond Honey) ..next time it's Pho Grand, a suggestion from Vegetarianka
Next stop Doughnut Plant-being too stuffed from Vanessa's we just brought home our doughnuts--POOCH are you reading this? We essentially bought out the place....the blackberry jelly made with fresh blackberries was bursting with jelly & delicious! Creme brulee: don't let the size fool you-packs a whallop of flavor! That doughnut is a must have--also bought the pistachio, tres leches, blackout, carrot cake and even a cinnamon bun...Guy behind the counter was very helpful and told me which ones freeze well to eat at a later time...
Today, Sunday, a more low keyed day. Eating leftovers--stuffed cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes and a salad...maybe a donuts for dessert!! I have a nice jelly one waiting for me..:o)
You guys give me the best ideas! So what are ya'll eating?

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