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The secret to Chinese (Asian) cooking is….

heat. After traveling and cooking Asian for 40 years I can tell 99% of the Talk folks who ask “How?” that the answer is more heat. About 30 years ago I sent home (from Kuala Lumpur) a 15 kg. gas propane ring and my cooking improved 100%. Then 10 years ago I bought a free standing Viking, three ring, natural gas burner ($1500. bucks) and thing just got easier and better. Think about it…..when was the last time you saw a real Asian chef cooking on an electric hot plate or even a typical gas range. No, they cook on a rimmed hole with what looks like a dozen blow torches facing upward. Heat equals quickness. You stand there and keep the food moving for just a bit of time, while the Food Network chefs (sic) put everything in a wok and go off to do something else. You never see an Asian chef leave the wok after adding something. Get yourself some heat and enjoy.

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