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Eaten what's not food?

Hi Everyone,
So the previous post was about whether to tell or not tell for seeing a mouse. It got me wondering...What is the worst experience you've had at a restaurant of something you ate that wasn't supposed to be on the plate? I was eating at a local pizzeria, and I ordered the pepperoni and spinach pizza. It was delicious --it always is. And the place is so clean, great beer selection; It's my standby place! I was getting full, but could stuff down one more slice and as I took the first bite of the slice I noticed a weird taste. Then I bit down, then it tasted AWFUL and there was a weird sensation. I put a finger in and pulled out HALF a gross cockroach-esque looking bug! I'm a bug-phobic, so I spit the rest out into a napkin and almost tossed cookies on the spot. In total the bug was over an inch long! The crunchy shell was the worst part :( Since they used fresh spinach on the pizza this guy was under a leaf and I didn't see it! It was probably some bug from Peru or something that was shipped up in the spinach. Sick. Worst ever...

Come on, what's yours!

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