One word answer...Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?

In the spirit of the Coke or Pepsi thread yesterday. :)

That said, I'll break my own rule, and say more than one word for my answer.

I despise Miracle Whip, and have always been a Hellman's girl (Best Buy, west of the Rockies, or so I'm told). As I started surfing foodie sites, I've been talked into trying other mayonnaise, such as Duke's. Always returned to Hellman's original.

Until I discovered mayonesa (Hellman's Mexican-style mayonnaise with lime). o...m...g... Out of this world.

I admit the texture is a little runnier than original Hellman's, but not enough to bother me. And the flavor is awesome. Give it a try if you can find it. Looks just like original Hellman's packaging, with an orange lid.

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