Do you refrigerate beans?

My question is about refrigeration.

I am combining some winter foods - kidney beans, lentils, garbanzo beans. The beans are out of the can and drained and I mix them in a bowl. BTW, there is no salt added in the kidney and garbanzo cans, and just a little for the lentils. I also add slightly cooked fresh carrots. I keep the combination in the fridge covered, and the combination lasts about a week or until we finish it. (when I am about to eat some of the mix, I add a few almonds, walnuts and a little Italians dressing) Of course, the totality is a VERY high protein mix, plus lots of other good stuff like calcium, iron, etc.

QUESTION: Can I take this mix to school or work without refrigeration? I am always a little nervous about not refrigerating food, but the cans don't seem to call for it.

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