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I Need Help w/Sorbets and Frozen yogurt. So Please, Help Me!

I've been making my own sorbets and frozen yogurts now for a while (not so big on ice cream) and the results have been pretty good, but not exactly what I'm looking for. My problem is that I want a real intensity of flavor of the actual fruit, not of the sugar, which I need for proper consistency. I did a kick ass blueberry lemon frozen yogurt this weekend. It was really good, my best ever, but it still lacked the blueberry-ness I'd hoped for. I'm looking for that intensity of flavor that makes the back of your jaw take notice, you know?

So how do I get it? I realize that with frozen yogurt it would be way tougher, but how about with sorbets? Is there any way to use less sugar and not end up with a block of ice? Honestly, I'm about at the point where I'm considering using frozen concentrated juice, but that seems wrong somehow.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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