Home Ground Beef

So last week I decided maybe I'd try making my own ground beef for burgers since what I can buy just doesn't taste at all like burgers used to when I was a kid. So I dug out the Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment that I got for Christmas (I know - hanging head in shame).
We don't grind our meat at work and I had no frame of reference so I did a search here and found a thread from 2 years ago that had a suggestion for the mix as 50% chuck, 25% top sirloin, and 25% skirt. I bought the meat cut it in cubes, chilled it in the freezer and ground it. I made a test burger and OMG it was the best burger I've had since I left home more years ago than I want to admit to! How could I have waited so long? It was wonderful; it truly was. If you haven't tried this - you must - and if you have tried it what was your mix?

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