Corn-rich diet vs. rice-rich diet

I've been pondering Carey Jones' 2-week foray into a corn-free diet (here and here) for a while, and hearing more viewpoints being aired in various media.

I'm curious and ignorant on this question, though... I assume that portions of SE Asia subsist on a rice-rich diet, but I've never heard large arguments for or against rice in its various incarnations. Is it just not hitting my radar, is rice not used and processed to the extreme extent that corn is here in the US, or is a rice-rich diet more acceptable in the public's eye? What's the whole story on both sides?

I'd be very interesting to hear viewpoints on a corn-rich diet vs. a rice-rich diet (or soy-rich diet for that matter), and also wonder if a SE member in SE Asia would be willing to tackle, and blog about, a rice-free 2 week diet in the same manner that Carey Jones did with corn.

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