Remember that flour-pancake mix snafu?

So, I took sadpixie's advice, added oil, sugar, soda, milk/vinegar, and a dash of both vanilla and almond extracts, stirred it together with the mess I'd made last night, glommed it into a greased 13x9 glass cake dish, then laded it into the oven at 325 for 45 minutes. I probably should have taken an egg beater to it just to aerate it a bit, as it did not rise much...BUT, it has a neat, old-timey kinda moist, dense texture, and it's not too sweet--i like that! I whipped up a "buttercream" frosting of 1 lb. confectioner's sugar, 1/2 c butter, 4 tbs. milk, and a dab of vanilla along with a good shot of orange extract. Spread that on, and it kinda reminds me of cakes I ate made by elderly great-aunts at family reunions back in the mid-sixties... Not bad for a disaster, and I couldn't be happier that this site exists, 'cause you all offered quick, useful advice! Hats off to YOU! (esp. sadpix, ya know?)


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