Gooey Cake? Anyone ever heard of it?

I'm trying to track down a recipe that belonged to my father's grandmother. She called it "gooey cake" and NO there is no chocolate and no box cake mix.
Father's family is of German descent (lived in Baltimore), if that gives any clue as to what the heck I'm talking about. The recipe, as written down, basically reads, "butter sugar condensed milk 350" or something like that. No amounts, no further direction, obviously just a reminder of the ingredients.
Obviously I have never actually eaten real gooey cake, because we can't decipher the recipe, but I swear my father gets tears in his eyes when he describes eating an entire gooey cake for breakfast as a teenager.
We think it was made in a round cake pan? contains butter, flour, sugar, either sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk (probably SC?).
I would love to surprise my dad with a real gooey cake and don't mind some experimentation (may have to increase gym membership, mental note).
Any ideas? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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