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What to do with all the chiles I got in Oaxaca?

I was just in Oaxaca, Mexico (yes, the food is crazy delicious but I'm not actually not a fan of chocolate in my moles) and went on a mini-shopping spree at the markets. I got Chile Tuxta (or Tuxtla), Chile Pequin, Pastilla Oaxaqueno and powdered Mole Verde. And dried jicama flowers, which will become margaritas and iced tea.

Other than reconstituting the chiles and putting them in salsa, or making a rub for meat, does anyone have any ideas what to do with them? Has anyone used these chiles before?

I'll probably use the mole verde for chicken (the lady gave me a little piece of paper with a recipe on it when I bought it), but any other ideas?

Thank you all :)

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