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The Dining Dead

This article from the Chicago Trib is sad, and it happened to me last week. We sat at the bar in our favorite tavern, ordered dinner, stared at the Mariners game, and after we had eaten and the plates were cleared, the bartender asked, "Are you two feuding, or did someone die?" I realized we hadn't said one word to each other about the kids, work, friends, chores around the house, what we were going to do over the weekend, what new noise my car is making, nothing, for pretty close to an hour.

We usually laugh about lot of things and complain a little about something. I mean, even after 24 years, there's always stuff to talk about, right? Maybe we were just tired I just hope this doesn't become routine.,0,633573.story

Talk is closed, but that doesn't mean the conversations have to stop!

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