Poll: cooking/baking as related to "day job"

Okay, I have discussed this with colleagues but would like to see what others think. Do you find/believe/theorize that others in your "profession" have a tendency to love to cook, or not?
I'm an architect, and there seems to be some general consensus amongst my coworkers that we enjoy the creativity-plus-immediacy thing of cooking. in other words, no recipe is probably going to take four years worth of 18-hour days, and the average person can enjoy a chocolate cake a bit more than, say, a post-modernistic art museum.
I have never had anyone question the implications of the cilantro or its potential "dialogue" with the avocado. Mostly, the reaction I'm going for is YUM! That's all.
So, what do you think? Unless you're a professional chef or something like that, do you perceive that people in your profession tend to enjoy cooking more than the average bear? Why or why not?

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