Parve Choc. Cupcakes w/o margarine?

I REALLY don't want to start a whole cultural/dietary/religious debate; but I need a recipe for parve chocolate cupcakes WITHOUT margerine or any other hydrogenated foodstuff substitutes.

We're having a BBQ on Friday, and one of the families that is coming keeps kosher to the extent that the whole party must be kosher or they won't be able to eat anything; which I respect very much.

A friend has offered to bring something (actually several things, bless her) and one of them is chocolate cupcakes. She does not cook with margarine, Cool Whip, etc.; which I also respect very much.

Maybe someone has a recipe using part applesauce and part oil or something? I am "The Boss' Wife" so this isn't the time for experimentation - I need a tried and true recipe :-)

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