Indian Pickles

I was at an Indian Buffet last week and all in all it was a very standard buffet with the most common (i.e. familiar) choices. This one is different because it was the first I'd been to that had pickles on it. It wasn't a pickle like anything I'd had before. Even when eating it I wasn't not sure if I loved it or hated it. And unfortunately I couldn't identify anything in it beyond the chili peppers (and they might not have been chilies). It seemed like in addition to the peppers there was a little green ball with seeds in it, onions, something that may or may not have been an olive. It was sweet, sour, and spicy all at the same time and sort of yellow green.

I should have asked the waitress but they were pretty busy and I didn't get a chance. Anybody have any ideas about what this could be or what could be in it?

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