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A product that made me scratch my head. Would you use it?

Hi Folks
I was in the grocery store over the weekend with the hubster and saw a product that made me scratch my head. We were in the baking aisle and I saw a pack of "premelted" chocolate. The packaging seemed to be aimed at apps like making brownies. All I could think was, "Why would I need this? If I'm making brownies, I can totally handle melting the chocolate myself while gathering the other components." It's not as if it takes a significant amount of time to do this, so the time savings would be miniscule. And it was only the chocolate, so all the other ingredients would have to be gathered and incorporated.

So...What products have you seen in the store that make you think they are a silly attempt at saving time, almost certainly at the expense of truly special flavor (not to mention your wallet)? Have you tried any products that might seem silly to some? Were they were really worth the time savings and/or flavorful enough to get into your "Help I need to make dinner/a certain dish in a hurry!" arsenal?

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