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Well Done Burgers - a Twin Cities thing?

I live in the Twin Cities. I'm finding that I rarely get a burger that is actually cooked the way I order it - MEDIUM. It always comes out well done. The only place that consistently delivers a medium burger is - get this - Champps. The national chain is better at cooking burgers than many other small independent places (which will remain nameless in this post).

So - is it just the Twin Cities that has a problem with delivering medium burgers?? From reading AHT it looks like other cities have many places that actually cook burgers rare ALL the time!

I read the post about sending back overcooked burgers, but I'd prefer not to send back a burger EVERY time I order one (except for at Champps). Ok, so what do you think? Is it just a problem in the Twin Cities or does this happen everywhere? Where do I have to go to get a medium burger the first time?

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