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Serious Efforts: Evaporated Milk Crisis

Have any of you successfully replaced evaporated milk with something else in an icing or candy recipe?

And if so, what did you use?

I'm in Denmark, and evaporated milk is not to be found anywhere; I've spent the entire morning looking.

Unfortunately, I am planning on testing a CI recipe (the 'Wellsley Fudge Cake'), which some of you may also be taking on. I was fairly certain I could find evaporated milk, but when I went to get it, I found that the tins were actually sweetened condensed milk, and (because of the added sugar and the relative water content) that's no substitute.

The most sensible sounding suggestions come from this site: but I have no idea how they'd work out in practice.

IFF you have any experience with this, please share! I'd appreciate it enormously.


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