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need vegetarian menu for meat eaters

I'm a vegetarian in a family full of meat eaters. I'll be staying with them for 3 days this weekend. The meat eaters are very understanding and always make sure I have something to eat, but if I leave it up to them, I know I'll be eating pasta for 3 days straight.

I offered to cook one lunch or dinner for them while I'm there to "thank them for having me stay with them". (Really, I just want to make sure that I have at least one healthy and creative meal). I'm hoping to use this as a chance to show them that a vegetarian meal doesn't have to include pasta, or gobs of cheese, or a simple green salad. To introduce them to a new ingredient or two.

Problem is, I need help creating the menu! It should be simple and homey - there are just 4 of us and I'm not looking do something showy. I don't want to scare them with tofu or seitan... maybe some quinoa? Help please!

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