"Bring your own dish" wedding - what to bring?

We've been invited to a casual wedding with "covered dish barbecue" (the wedding is to take place in late June, and I understand that there will be about 40-50 people), and were asked to bring a dish "to share" (needs to be something "down home", things like hummus are not going to fly). My in laws are invited as well, and since my MIL doesn't cook, I offered to cover the food both for us and for them.

So far, I'm planning to bring:

*pulled pork
*coleslaw - not sure which would be better: mayo based or oil & vinegar (my personal favourite)
*potato salad - mayo or vinaigrette? I, again, am leaning towards vinaigrette (roasted reds with kalamata olives, red onions and red wine vinaigrette), so does my OH. FIL, on the other hand, wants the mayo one.
*homemade hamburger buns

Does it seem like enough from two families, or should I add something else? (It reminds me of that "envelope pusher" thread from yesterday...I always think that I should add something else! But seriously, I really feel that it's not enough) Any comments, suggestions, recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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