What Do You Put on Your Biscuit?

I started thinking about this, since I watched a recent episode of a show with Paula Deen where she was debating what to put on biscuits. To me, it had never been a question: I grew up putting honey on them, no matter what and it had never occured to me to put anything else on them. My mother puts butter on them first, but the main topping it still honey. But, I have since discovered that a lot of people find that odd and others use things like jam, or even gravy.

So, I was wondering what you put on your biscuits? Does it depend upon the type (i.e. baking powder v. Pillsbury, et cetera), or is it a regional thing? Have you ever seen any put anything on them that just seemed to not make sense (for me that would have to be gravy - where did that come from, anyway?)?

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