What do you do with smoked herring?

We were grocery shopping at 22:30 last night and passed by the seafood counter that was, of course, empty and unmanned. My husband was hankering for some wild salmon steaks, when we ran into something - a tray of 5-6 smoked herrings for $2.40. I picked it up and smelled it...ooooh...I was sold.

My first thought was how good it would taste over fresh steamed rice and some Japanese pickles.

When we got home, I ripped it open and took a bite. My eyes watered. It was as if I bit into a chewy, smoked salt lick! I'd have to eat a bowl of rice to finish 1/3 of one of these potent little fishies.

Other than with cream cheese and in cream, how is this or can this be eaten or served?


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