The mini-burger: off limits?

So we've all seen the ads. Burger King is doing mini burgers aka "burger shots". Jack in the Box just started doing the same. McD's is probably not far behind.

My restaurant has been serving mini bugers for a few years. They're awesome. I love 'em. They sell like crazy. They're 2.5 oz each and you get two per order for $13, with "frites". They come with gouda, dijon aioli, pickled jalapenos, and remoulade.
I hate, hate, hate the fact that you can now get the same basic thing at your local shitty corporate fast food shack.
My question: Should we take them off the menu? Should we switch to a fancy regular size burger? If we do that, considering cost, is 5 oz big enough? I think a $12 buger should be more like 8 oz. Raise the price? Am I being crazy? Is this no big deal? Or should I lean on my chef to change things up? Any opinions?

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