James Beard Award Nominations 2009, No Serious Eats? WTF?

Maybe it's because I'm biased. I know some of the people behind serious eats. It's based here in NYC. I read it at least 3 times a week. Or maybe it's because the Judges at the James Beard Foundation don't stray far from their "old standbys". But WTF?

When I want interesting information about food, restaurants or nutrition. I mean cutting edge, made by the people for the people. I turn to serious eats not the nominees of this year.

In fact, I rarely even land on their sites. Gourmet.com, chow.com, epicurious.com? What?

Chow is owned by CBS now. And Gourmet and Epicurious are both owned by Conde Nast. Is anyone else with me on this? Against me, help me understand this. Do we need to reward those with the deepest pockets or those that produce some of the best content on the web?

Are these the "...best and brightest talent in the food and beverage industry." as the James Beard Foundation claims the awards are supposed to highlight?

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