Eggplant Caviar?

I went to a Greek market the other day to peruse the aisles when I came across something called "eggplant caviar" in a big jar. I asked the owner what it was and all she said was, "Is good with pita." Well, if it was good with pita bread, I had to have it!

As it turns out, they were out of pita bread that day, so I've been eating this stuff with saltine crackers. Has anyone heard of it? The label is in Greek, so I have no idea what it says- aside from the "eggplant caviar" that's literally in quotes on the front of the jar. It's tasty, but kind of odd. Kind of like baba ganoush, but not seeing as how it's blood red.

Is it gross that I'm eating this stuff out of the jar with crackers? Am I supposed to heat it up? Anybody?

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