Dinner Impossible

OK, so I have to admit that I was so upset when they switched the host on Dinner Impossible from Robert Irvine to Michael Symon 2 seasons ago. I do understand that Robert embellished his resume a little, but seriously... he's got a great personality and can get the job done. Anyway, now I'm a little confused. I saw a new Dinner Impossible this week and Robert Irvine is BACK! Doesn't this make the Food Network look a little silly? I stopped watching once Michael Symon was the new host... and I was cheering for him on the Next Iron Chef, but he just didn't have the personality or the skill for a job this large. What are your thoughts? If the Food Network hadn't made such a HUGE issue of his dismissable, etc I don't think it would annoy me as much.

Robert Irvine... I'm glad you're back!! I also look forward to the next time your lose a challenge and end up having to take your shirt off again... lmao

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