Serious Eats? Really?

Will we have serious food topics on this site sometime soon?

Not like "will Ed lose weight?", or "do you like sugar in your coffee", or "spatula, yes or no?" or "where to get the best jicama fondue in Tribecca?" (I made up a couple of these: you guess which ones).

Some of us don't live in the US (notice I didn't say "America", which is a much bigger place"). Most of the pieces here assume "US" (if not New York), as if the rest of the world did not exist.

It's all well and good to talk about fake cupcakes, Paula Deen commercials, pizza joints opening in the deep south, or several years old "Good Eats" episodes, but these topics are hardly about "serious eats".

I try to refrain from commenting on this site, because I'm a bitter old man, but this is getting ridiculous. I checked, and want to let you know that "sillyeats" is not yet taken.


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