"Rat Pack" Theme Birthday Party Help

Hi everyone! I've been an avid SE reader for a couple of years, but this is my first post
For my husbands birthday, we have booked a swanky hotel room in Detroit (hey, we live 15 min. away) and are hosting a poker party for about 18 people.
I would greatly appreciate any input given on menu, drinks, decor and entertainment other than poker (the hotel is in a casino, so there is always that...)
Party Details:
*Being held the 16th of March, in the evening
*750 sq foot suite with microwave, some counter space and small refrigerator
*18 guests, most between the ages of 27 and 35, most work the kitchen in a pretty high end restaurant (yay foodies!)
*I would like to serve finger foods that can be kept at room temp for several hours, 1 or 2 heated or chilled dishes would be ok
*I would like to serve one type of cocktail. Most of the guests-including my husband-have no love for the martini
*I would like to be able to prepare the food at home and deliver it to the party, which means I need to be able to make it ahead of time, pref. the night before.
I'll be happy to provide more detail if it is needed!
Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions

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