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I wanted crispy biscotti ... not rock hard

So I made biscotti yesterday afternoon, and although they turned out alright, they aren't exactly what I was hoping for.

I used Sara Moulton's recipe (although I think she got it from Gourmet magazine), and subbed macadamia nuts for the hazelnuts, and added white chocolate chips as well. (The exact recipe can be seen at:

Anyway, the flavor is good, but they are much crunchier & harder than I'd like them to be. I know biscotti are supposed to be that way to an extent, but I was hoping for a more tender, delicate crumb that resulted in something a little lighter and crispier.

I seem to remember seeing several recipes that do not call for any butter at all (this recipe had 6 tablespoons, if I remember correctly), and I'm wondering if this makes a big difference? Any experienced biscotti-makers out there, I'd really appreciate your thoughts and/or recipes!

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