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Do you let guests know they're eating raw eggs?

What I mean by that is this:

I made one of Ina Garten's vinaigrettes to dress an endive salad for a dinner party. One of the ingredients was raw egg yolk, which I added. Tasted great. I momentarily considered letting my guests know about this, but decided it would invite more trouble than it was worth, so said nothing. They all wolfed down the salad (while I wrestled quietly with guilt) and all was well.

What do you think? I always do ask in advance about food allergies and acommodate accordingly, but I do have friends (who weren't at this party) who would've balked about eating raw eggs and declined the salad. In hindsight I could've kept the salad UNdressed and offered it on the side, but the question remains about the undisclosed use of raw eggs.

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