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meatloaf-with celery

Thanks for your comments,I have already added worchester sauce,will the celery make it taste to salty?Pam


NO, it shouldn't make it "too"salty. I just know that adding celery to an otherwise "salt-less" dish can add a salty element. This was a trick I learned when trying to cook things less salty for my husband who has high blood pressure. Celery has a mock-saltiness quotient which can add a bit of depth to a dish that would otherwise be made with salt. However, I don't think it would make something "too salty".

Very small dice. I think celery improves many dishes, cooked and raw. Go for it!

thanks so much for your help,I appreciate it,I will let you know how it turned out,but also I was just thinking,If I'm going to make a brown gravy instead of ketchup on top,should I put ketchup in the mix itself,let me know.Im' ready to build this thing,Pam

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