Lap-Band Eating - I Need Help For A Friend

Okay, I'm a total mom, enabler. I know this. A friend of mine got lap-band surgery years and years ago. Over the last few months she's been feeling run down and always kind of, I don't know, hinky. She hasn't been good about taking her vitamins and I think food has become a tiny priority in her life. She's eating crap. Now I think that with only being able to eat such small amounts of food, that whatever you put in your mouth should (a) taste really good, and (b) be loaded with vitamins and minerals and other good stuff. So, I've been trying to come up with tasty, super healthy food for her to eat. She's always broke (her job pays practically nothing), can't eat steaky things due to the band, hates fish, like shrimp and crab, and has been spending far too much time with skinless, boneless chicken breasts (which would totally put me off my feed). She has no problem with rice, which some LB people do.

So anyhow, any ideas? I'm trying to come up with really tasty, very healthy, super cheap food for her to eat.

And yes, she's going to the doctor.

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