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Ice Cream Maker

We've added the more important stuff - the slow cooker, the pressure cooker, the chest freezer, and so forth. It's time to start doing the research about the best bang for the buck for an ice cream maker.

We're a middle aged blue collar couple with no kids and just starting to add a second income, so we're financially luckier than many of our friends. Regardless, we still don't want to blow money just on an ego name or bells & whistles we won't want or need. We just want something we can pull off the pantry shelf a couple of times a month and make a good product with. We generally tend to buy a middle of the road grade - not the cheapo and not the fanciest. Quality, dependability, and a wise spending of the buck is what we care about.

Oh, and we're in north Seattle, if some local shop or manufacturer is suggested.

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