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homemade ravioli- too ambitious for this amateur?

I offered to cook my husband dinner for his birthday in a couple of weeks- he said homemade ravioli would be awesome.
Ummm... I'm a very amateur cook! I would love to try it- but am wondering if this is a bit too ambitious for a first pasta-making project. Could it possibly turn out good first try, or is this one of those things that takes some practice? I don't want to make him choke down his birthday dinner. Also, I have no 'equipment'- no pasta roller, or that cool ravioli rolling pin that stamps them out. Are they necessary? Would it make the process that much easier, or can I just roll out dough with a regular rolling pin and cut it? Is this the kind of thing I can make ahead of time, and freeze, or is it better fresh-made? I would love to do this for him, but the stream of curse words I am anticipating trying this might make him feel bad about even asking for it! Thanks for your help!

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